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Dog Breeds

Friese Stabij

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Dog Breed Information.

For centuries native dogs have been used for hunting in Friesland. One of them , the Stabijhoun, was mainly used in the South-East of Friesland, in the Frisian woods and on the sandy areas for the hunt on miscellaneous game. It is assumed that the ancestors of this Frisian must be found among the spaniels that were taken up to the north during the Spanish occupation. This Spanish spaniel would also have crossed with other species that take a lot after the Stabijhoun, such as the Drent Spaniel, the Great Munsterlander and the German Pointer Longhair. However, this is not quite sure, because the various German Pointers were already spread over a great part of Europe long before the name of Spaniel became well known. But, whether it went through the Spaniel or not, a certain relationship of the Stabijhoun with the Drent Spaniel and the "Heidewachtel" is not to be denied.

The Stabijhoun , also called Frisian Stabij was the hound of the ordinary man who couldn't afford the luxury to keep different dogs for various tasks. "Bijke" as the Stabijhoun was called popularly, was not only serving his owner during the hunt,
but also stood him aside as watchdog, farm dog, a fervent catcher of polecats and moles, and even as draught-dog.

Moles catcher was a lucrative job in that time. The skins of the moles were used as lining for coats and as muffs and brought in money that way. In addition to the catching of these animals, the grazing lands were kept smooth and undamaged. When catching moles, a good dog was indispensable, because under the ground these diggers are hardly traceable by man. The Stabijhoun indicated the mole by standing exactly on the right spot. Then the mole catcher dug out the mole with a shovel, after which the Stabij
caught the animal. These mole catching dogs were often transported in baskets on the back of the bicycle, so there was a selective breeding for somewhat smaller animals, as these were easier to transport. At this moment Stabijhoun are still used for the catching of moles.



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