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our cat's health depends on regular, well-balanced meals. Adult cats should be fed twice a day and well almost certainly remind you when its' mealtime. Growing kittens need several smaller meals a day, to suit their smaller stomachs.

Cats need cat food. Dog food or household scraps don't contain the high level of animal protein they need — and even milk upsets many cats' stomachs. Choose either canned cat food, a scientifically-balanced dry food, or cooked fish. Make sure there's always fresh water, too.

If your cat is a longhair, remember to groom it daily. Shorthairs need brushing only once or twice a week to remove dead hairs. Grooming time is also when you will spot any injuries, early signs of illness, or fleas. Best of all, it helps you to bond with your cat, who will enjoy the attention. Grooming is more than beauty care. Longhairs depend on daily brushing to prevent tangles that, if neglected, may need to b clipped out by the vet.

Loose hairs. get swallowed when a cat licks its coat, and can build up in the stomach. There's no need to worry unless your pet can't get rid of its fur balls. If you spot the danger signs of a dry cough and loss of appetite, head for the vet. But remember, prevention is better than cure: regular brushing means fewer dead hairs for your cat to swallow.

To make sure that curiosity doesn't kill your cat, check the house for dangers. Tuck electrical cords out to the way where they can't be chewed, and remember to put away poisonous household chemicals such as bleach. With a new cat or kitten, it's a good idea to protect your home also, but moving breakable ornaments and houseplants.

Cats often enjoy nibbling house plants, but some of these may be poisonous. Try your best to keep houseplants out of easy reach. Some poisonous plants are ivy, poinsettia, philodendron, baladium, and laurel.

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